Medical Slave features nurse torture picture stories of medical femdom, toilet slave fetish, enema and CBT!

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Medical Slave bids you welcome to its bizarre femdom nurse fetish archive! Picture collection you are about to see contains really weird femdom images of slaves submitted to humiliating and painful medical procedures, such as enema anal cleansing, asphyxiation, forced nurse pee drinking and cock and balls torture! Slaves/patients are either stuffed into straightjackets, bodybags or tightly bound and gagged; in a word, absolutely immobile and totally helpless. Of course, femdom nurses use this situation to their advantage - they like nothing better than having their victims defenceless and exposed to every evil whim and sadistic fancy of their cruel imagination. Perhaps you can recognize some of the nursing staff here: famous dommes Ilsa Strix, Katja Minx and Beate herself!
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Medical Slave has medical torture pictures of femdom nurse fetish, toilet slave training, CBT and enema!