Submissive husband and femdom wife video clips of sissification, smothering, spanking and cock torture!

Dominant Wife Movies welcomes you to its domestic femdom movie theater of husband spanking, foot domination, CBT, facesitting and cock teasing! This website offers you two full-length movies, broken down into video clips for easier streaming and/or download. Femdom wives starring in both films are harsh, no-nonsense English domestic mistresses, who are impossible to please (of course!).
Protagonists of the first movie are a tall, muscular, blonde English wife, and her skinny submissive husband (screen captures above). The film kicks off with the femdom wife inspecting the results of her hubby's cleaning efforts. Needless to say, the domme is not happy, and the submissive husband immediately gets punished. The mistress twists his ear, forces him to get down on his knees and start picking bits of dirt off the carpet. Next, the slave is led into the kitchen to clean up the mess there. The domme relaxes with a glass of wine while the hubby performs the cleaning chores. Afterwards, the muscular wife orders the pathetic hubby to slurp water from a doggy bowl. She helps her slave by pushing his head down with her stiletto heels. Then it's time for bedroom inspection. Again, the dominant wife is extremely displeased with its state: bed is unmade and clothes scattered about. The furious wife commands her subject to tidy up the room, but he is somewhat slow to obey. This infuriates the wife even more, so she grabs a cane and viciously spanks the husband's sorry ass!
Brutal whipping goes on for quite a while (screenshots above): the wife first paints the husband's butt purple with the cane, then finishes him off with a whip. The mistress is so angry that she even spanks hubby's cock and balls. The slave moans and cries out in pain, but his begging only produces more howls of rage from the domme. Finally, the wife grows tired of this healthy physical excercise, and decides to lock up her submissive in a cage. She leads him by a leash upstairs, and makes him crawl on his belly towards the cage. The whimpering husband obeys and wiggles his butt in a funny fashion. The amused wife orders him to lick her black stilettos squeeky clean. The slave obeys: he sticks out his tongue almost a mile, and greedily starts licking the mistress's elegant shoes. Next, the submissive husband is commanded to crawl into the cage and the wife locks him up. After prodding his butt and balls with a stick, the wife adds the final humiliating touch: she spits on the pitiful hubby!
The second film features another dominant English wife in action (screen captures above). This time it's a cruel, busty blonde demolishing and humiliating a terrified hubby: his ordeal starts off with sharp spanking. The wife chooses a mean looking leather whip as the instrument of punishment; she viciously attacks her hubby's buttocks and genitals with it. This cruel spanking lasts long: the victim gets to taste the sharp whip bite while hanging off a beam, and also while kneeling in front of his tormentress. Next, the husband is subjected to sensory deprivation. The dominant wife puts blinfolds on his eyes and sticks a ball-gag into his mouth. Then she gets down to teasing her helpless slave: she strokes, gently pinches and caresses hubby's nipples, belly, cock and balls. Our domestic slave soon gets very hot and proudly displays a large erection. The femdom wife does not tolerate such liberties, so this means more painful whip time for the poor guy: he must get down on his knees and suffer the consequences of his wife's rage once more!
Passionate foot worship follows (screen shots above). The femdom wife orders the husband to lick her shiny red shoes: he obeys with relish, making sure he does not miss her high heels. The mistress pulls her foot out of the shoe and offers her toes and heel for the husband to suck: our guy complies with excitement! Then, it's facesitting time: the husband is ordered to lie on his back, and the wife smothers his face with her wet pussy. The husbands happily licks, slurps and fights for air under the wife's divine ass. The domme obviously enjoys this reverent attention, and encourages the slave with cock and ball teasing. Of course, this causes the slave to redouble his pussy worshipping efforts!
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